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void of course moon

Don’t get AUDITED – Astrology TIMING TRICK Void of Course Moon

Don’t get Audited

Here are some simple things that you can do to assure that this tax season, you will not get audited. This is a trick that is using astrology, that will assure you that when you file your taxes, that nothing will ever come of it. There will be no problems, and you will not get audited.

Void of Course Moon

The Void of Course Moon, is something that happens every 3 days when the moon changes signs. It can last up to a couple of seconds or even up to a couple of days at times. Spiritually thats a time for moving inward, and meditating doing things that are not about the outward world. Watch the video to find out more details.

What is the Void of Course Moon?

If you dabble in studying astrology or even just read your horoscope regularly, then you know the moon in astrology is a huge part of the daily cosmic scene — it rules over our emotions and feelings, our instincts and vulnerabilities, and the ways we feel safe and nurtured. As the moon moves through each of the 12 zodiac signs during its approximately 28-day cycle, it takes on the energy of each of those signs and can color our moods with the signs’ qualities. Somewhere within your astro-dabbles, you may have seen the term “void-of-course” moon being mentioned, although its meaning can sometimes get a little convoluted. But knowing what a void-of-course moon means in astrology can actually be super helpful — and while you may not be able to define it just yet, I can guarantee you’ve felt its effects.

About Aura

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