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Veritasium Timeline Update

Veritasium Timeline Update – REPOST

Veritasium Timeline Update – Here’s an update on the timeline I expect for VERI, originally posted in Patreon Feb, 27, 2020. As of now, July 28, 2020 further updates would indicate that although there is nothing big or positive happening publicly on VERI it is no longer in hot water as far as the public is concerned. I still feel strongly that this coin will be very successful, and we could get a nice run-up on VERI over this summer.

Although a Summer 2020 run-up is expected, the much bigger moves on VERI will come in 2021 or even later. We are likely to get small profits on it now. Current price levels are hovering in the $3-$4 range which is a very good buy level, however we may see lower prices after the summer run up.

I still expect VERI to be worth more than $40k in the LONG TERM. This could take another 5 years to develop, but it will be incredibly worthwhile because it can be rented out like a piece of physical property. This makes it an income producing asset.

I still maintain that the reason they went after VERI is because they want to use and control it. There are still big whales buying a lot of VERITASIUM and for the past several years it has mostly been from ONE wallet. It is my psychic take on it that this wallet is controlled by the Government in some way and they are accumulating VERI to use it in the new digital system they are rolling out.

In my Veritasium Timeline Update I go into the long term value, and why VERI is still a great coin to buy and to own. As of this writing it is still under $5 per coin. If you are in the US, the only place to purchase VERI is on FORKDELTA.COM – this is a somewhat difficult to learn if you don’t already know how – so I recommend finding a good tutorial on YouTube to learn how.

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  1. Ben Thompson

    What is the price target on VERI in this summer run up?

    1. Aura

      I don’t have one yet and price targets on most of these coins are posted in PRO and VIP – Just posted a list today. A few coins get price targets in the weekly market updates, mostly BTC and DGB and sometimes something else that is making a big move — we caught TEZOS before it broke out.

  2. sanchayan ghosh

    Very much in VERI ……..ready to wait.

  3. Bill NOLAN

    In it for the long term with VERI…..👍

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