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Vechain channeling: A Channeled Message from the Guides on VECHAIN


Vechain channeling – The points I made at the beginning of this post, before getting to the VECHAIN Channeling are just as relevant now because there is going to be a SECOND and WORSE version of Covid19 to come out in about another 6 – 10 weeks, and we do need to take health precautions to protect ourselves from it. Please download the Homeopathy PDF that I have attached to the bottom of this post – it has been working to fight the symptoms of Covid.

Additionally on VET – and all the good cryptos I have channeled and recommended over the past months – NOW is the time to make sure you have your ORDERS PLACED for the coins you want to get. We are likely to see a significant market drop in the next 2 weeks. The best rule on ANY good crypto you want now is to place your orders at the LOWEST PRICE that coin has been over the past year or so.


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Vechain channeling: First an overall message that the guides wanted me to share with you today

The Secret War: The ‘Invisible’ leaves footprints – More overall info in preparation for the Vechain channeling

CONFUSION – NOW MORE THAN ANY TIME ON EARTH IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW WHAT IS TRUE AND WHAT IS NOT TRUE. Here are a couple of guidelines for making choices and taking actions that will protect you and your loved ones.

1) Stay safe and protected in a secure place

2) Sleep (a lot) if you need it

3) Guard and protect your health, at the very least make sure you go outside every day and get at least 45 min of sun and take as much Vitamin C as you can tolerate, at best hopefully you have gotten the Homeopathic remedies listed in the download attached to this post. If you can, please go to your local health food store and get them or order from the resource listed in the PDF. 

4) Do NOT get any vaccinations or shots


6) This seems so obvious that it should not need to be said, but do not, under any circumstances allow yourself to be microchipped. This also goes back to the vaccines. These are all filled with some kind of AI technology that operates similarly to the Black Goo tarlike substance that SpiderMan has to fight off and which gives him an evil alter ego. I know it sounds like science fiction. But there is more technology in the hands of those who run the world than we are made aware of. 

This is where we are in relation to the secret or hidden war that I started writing about in the fall of 2017. By fall of 2019 this war was pretty clearly understandable to most people in the crypto community, but in 2017, not so much. Now that we see the stock markets actually finally reacting to market realities I was guided to bring this message forward so that we can get a better sense of where we stand in the midst of what is currently happening. 

At the end is a channeled message from the guides on VeChain

THE STORM IS HERE – and somehow connected to my Vechain channeling. Between CoVid19 and the beginning effects it is having on the stock market and an unsure set of asset prices in stocks, crypto’s and metals as well as the need for everyone to take health precautions, now is the time to make sure we are fully stocked and ready to go. The center of this storm is absolutely a battle between Good and Evil. There are all kinds of attacks being leveled upon the human population at this time, and the Covid19 virus is the tool for this battle. Covid19 is a coded name which equals roman numeral CVID and equals the number 606 – a number that equates to the computer code RESET. The virus is the reset. It is also a word – Corona – that is 6 letters long and adds up to the number 66 – creating the 666. It is a TOOL for controlling humanity and messing with our DNA (through the vaccine) as well as preventing the collective consciousness that is awakening across the globe. 

Q – Is Q right? Are we about to experience a massive revelation of information? Are mass arrests taking place NOW? Is the internet going to get taken over by the Emergency system for the purpose of disclosure to the public? I have asked my spirit guides for clarity and what I am getting from the guides is YES and NO. Yes, disclosure is coming. There is a battle raging and the result of this battle is – as yet – unsure. And No, it is not going to unfold necessarily the way that is expected. But TRUTH WILL COME OUT.

I have always had mixed impressions about Q. I only think some of what is said by Q is true. The current narrative is that the internet will shut down starting April 1st for 10 days so that the military can broadcast a series of movies through their emergency communication system. This is hard for me because in this case there may be some kind of a block for me in seeing clearly on this subject that exists for personal reasons, Or maybe the bock is there because of cloaking technology. I am not sure, but to be clear I AM NOT SEEING THIS. If you are reading this post then the internet did NOT go dark on April 1 – which casts a lot of doubt on that prediction. 

BUT if this DOES happen, then on the other side of it I will explain to you why this is a block for me, since I do have a very clear understanding of where my own stuff could get in the way. Also, if these predicted movies are shown then what I have to say will make a lot more sense to most of you then than it would now. What I DO see is that there IS a war and that the final stages of this war are happening in places far beyond our current view of 3D reality. And the good guys win. But I also see that there is going to be some kind of MASSIVE DISINFORMATION EVENT happening in the next few weeks. So, the upshot is to be very careful about what you do and don’t believe. Use critical thinking and look for evidence to back up all theories.

WHAT I AM SEEING as I sit down to do the Vechain channeling – It is far more likely that under the cover of darkness and a shut down internet what WILL happen is that military forces go into banks and clean out safe deposit boxes and generally raid the populace of their funds. While this is happening the streets would be patrolled with Police and Military – especially Military – personnel for the purpose of keeping everyone inside. Of course, “this is for your own good.” After all we are in quarantine and lockdown because of a pandemic virus. (A virus that is highly preventable and treatable by the way). The real danger comes from frequencies and 5G and vaccines and microchips and the military. Then, later we will see the digital raiding of retirement funds and 401k’s the world over. This is a theft of massive proportions. And meanwhile the Government will send out checks to keep everyone’s rent, mortgage and utility expenses not quite paid, that way virtually everyone becomes dependent on the state. This gives them total control – which is what they are really after. 

But maybe I am wrong. I certainly hope that I am wrong. However, if what I see DOES HAPPEN, then this will be a KEY EVENT in getting people to turn against the Government in general. After all, that’s the kind of costly betrayal that the people just don’t come back from. Of course some people will believe that it was for the greater good, that these sacrifices needed to be made because, well – we are at war – with a (highly treatable and preventable) virus. 

SPEAKING OF EVIDENCE – Last Summer I was shown Psychically that Julian Assange would be loading up all his incriminating evidence and information to the BITCOIN CASH network because the BLOCKCHAIN would protect the info and verify it. A few months later it was announced in one of the crypto publications that this EXACT thing had happened. All the Wikileaks info was now securely stashed on the Bitcoin Cash network. But we haven’t heard anything about it since. This will change. This information is going to be PIVOTAL to the coming DISCLOSURE. 

So, in a nutshell, what I am getting is that disclosure IS COMING – but I am not seeing that it will come in the form of 10 days of documentaries we will all be watching while we sit in quarantine at home. That’s a nice fantasy, honestly. I would really like it if it was that simple. In fact, we might actually get something far different if the Internet is shut down, but what that is, I am not 100% positive. It is my job to be as honest with you as I can be and if I do not know something for certain then I will never pretend to know more than I do. I am not perfect, but I do have a lot of info and this is what I am here to share with you. This is my best info on the subject. It could be tempting for me to just jump on board with everyone who is predicting 10 days of darkness – because then I would not be alone and it IS the popular narrative out there – but that is not what I am getting psychically. So, I can only tell you that I do not know for sure what is happening next. 

What I DO KNOW – There will be evidence to back up the truth. Anything that is true is going to lead directly to WIKILEAKS and information that is backed up on the Blockchain. There will be videos and evidence trails. Any other story that you may be getting SOLD is not going to be true. Just be careful because Evil forces are extremely deceptive and also very diabolical. So, stay aware and look for evidence and we will all come through this with eventual clarity. And eventually evil will be exposed. 

LONG TERM – the Government of the US and around the world will fall. The Fed will fall (actually it already has since Trump is now the new head of the Fed). The IRS will fall. The Treasury will try to create a digital dollar and that will fail. They will try multiple times, but it will not work. The Democratic Party will crumble, and then of course when the Government fails so will the Republican Party. Yes the “Cabal” will get exposed, but there will be an actual media circus surrounding it. Also these ‘Cabal’ people will continue to die in bizarre ways, and eventually nobody will care because we will all know who and what they are. I do not see it happening from one monolithic source. There will be a huge rebellion of the population and a breaking apart of nations into smaller localities. Some of these will prosper (by using Silver and Crypto) some of these will struggle. 


Sometimes I feel like a detective putting together the pieces of what I am seeing psychically. And sometimes I just ‘know’ how it all fits together. Let’s go over a couple of things so I can get to the conclusions I am seeing. 1) we have a virus called the CORONA Virus. A corona is related to the Sun, the idea of a Crown of royalty and the top chakra of the human being, the one which connects us all to higher consciousness and the great spiritual center. We also say that a baby is ‘crowning’ when it is being birthed 2) At the beginning of this year I spoke about a bright flash in the sky that I was seeing take place that was visible everywhere. It see it being connected somehow to blowing up towers and other space structures. 3) I have also spoken in the past about seeing a polar shift taking place in the Earth’s crust. What this is all adding up to for me is a MASS CORONAL EJECTION – also known as a Solar Flare. But I do not know exactly when it will take place. 

Before I get into the Vechain channeling; The probable picture I am getting pieces of psychically – is that we are experiencing the beginning energetic effects of a Coronal flare that is being sent out by the Sun. We know that light is both a particle and a wave. So this energy is massively intense and unsettling for many people who are not prepared for it. But it is mainly just energy. Energy from the Sun actually carries within it parts of our soul essence and the key to riding through such an event would come from opening the crown chakra to higher vibrational frequencies so that we are able to ride through the storm and absorb the energy that this Solar Flare would be bringing with it. What this energy would also be doing is bringing a mass connection to other levels of our spiritual dimensions as individuals as well as collectively. It would also shake the Earth and recalibrate the magnetic polarities of the planet. 

We would call such an event a Pole Shift, and it would be very dramatic. It would be nothing less than the rebirthing of the consciousness of humanity upon the Earth. I have been shown in the past that the poles of the Earth and the consciousness of Earth has been deeply and profoundly effected by the love vs fear energy that is held by the humans of Earth. Many, many years ago I did a channeling for myself where the guides showed me that the reason that Magnetic North on the Earth is different than the actual the North Pole is because of the energy of FEAR, ANGER, DOMINATION and other low vibration frequencies which over time has pulled us humans off course from our own Spiritual true North. This has been reflected by the pulling of magnetic NORTH away from the true degree of North on the Earth plane itself. It was not always separated in this way. 

A Solar Flare will serve to recalibrate US as a collective and also the PLANET back to its reset point. I actually see that point of new North winding up in the mountains of Colorado. Earth has had just about all that she can take of us and our abuses of the laws of Nature. All planets work in synergy with each other and they help each other to correct imbalances in the Solar System, Galaxy and beyond. The Sun is our center and the grand life giver of this world. As such, it can also send out the energy pulse needed to correct things when they have gotten so far off course that the whole system has become endangered. This is what has happened and this is why the Sun now needs to send out a flare – which is basically a gentle cosmic ‘nudge’ to get the Earth – and her inhabitants – back on track. THE WHEN for this event to take place I do not know, but in the near future we must be self sustaining in order to be prepared for this.

SELF RESPONSIBILITY – The whether will continue to be an issue and food crops yields will fall. We will also experience very high winds across the land that pretty much wipe out everything in their path – especially on the flat ground and plains. We all need to start growing food and teaming up with other like minded souls that we can create strong bonds and connections with. We must all work with others AND be fully responsible for ourselves and pull our own weight in order to prosper in the coming times. 

NO MORE PARASITES – The parasitic nature of our current system is going away and on all levels we are moving into a time where those who operate in a self-responsible and sustainable way will be rewarded; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This means we must have skills that are useful to a group and also that we are responsible for ourselves emotionally and mentally as well as pulling our weight physically. This does not mean we cannot help each other, but it does mean it will not work for anyone to be leaning entirely on others. And those who have been parasitic and evil will be going down in some pretty spectacular ways. But it would be a huge mistake to smoke the hopium and believe that someone else out there will save us. It is US who are going to be creating the future. 

SUPPLIES – Shipping – especially from China, but around the world as well – is becoming more and more restricted. Prices are also going to start to rise on daily necessities. So it is wise to stock up on things that you need, especially things that come from over seas and could get difficult if not impossible to obtain in the near future. Every area is different but it’s a very good idea to locate your local sources for food and produce and find a way to establish a good relationship with these suppliers. I also see having a nice seed bank as a very good investment. Seeds will be tradable in the future, especially with your local farms. Having a supply of high quality seeds can insure your access to the freshest foods in your area. 

SALE! SALE! SALE! – Have you noticed that premium brand and designer goods are already on fire sale? There’s not much need for a Rolex watch when you are quarantined at home. But if you really like silk shirts or cashmere sweaters this could be a good time to stock up on real well made goods that you NEED. Retail and luxury goods will continue to get deeper and deeper markdowns and discounts. Eventually really nice cars and homes will start to be available at bargain prices. This will not happen overnight, but rather over the next months. Each housing market is different but there will be some big drops in prices in certain areas – especially the overpriced markets like California (LA and Silicon Valley), New York, Toronto, London, France, etc. Property with land attached to it will retain more value. Housing developments where people live close together will take very steep price cuts. 

PRECIOUS METALS – The relative value of Precious Metals to home prices will come back in line with historical values and then eventually reach the point where property is VERY CHEAP in relation to Metals. Historically an average single family home has cost about 300 oz of Silver or 16-17 oz of gold. I expect to see this level return within the next 12-15 months. Within 3-5 years 1 oz of silver will equal an acre of land in most markets. 

RELATIVE VALUES – across assets will change drastically. This is something I have tried to point out when people are looking for price predictions on various cryptos. If a $20 coin has a price target of $100 this matters less than WHEN that price target happens. If it happens in the next 3 months then that coin is a great investment. If it happens in 2 years, then it’s probably going to severely underperform the really good coins in the marketplace and you will be left standing in frustration as other coins take leaps and bounds beyond it. 

I try to ONLY forecast prices on a coin at the time WHEN it is getting a lot of energy and will be making big moves. This happens when I get the nudge from my spiritual guidance team to speak about a certain coin. TEZOS is a prime example and has been the biggest market mover over the past few months. Also BSV was another one that was moving at the time I spoke about it. I don’t speak about every coin. Not every coin is making great moves all the time. I did a a deeper dive on XRP in March since this is one that everyone wants to know about, but no I have not gotten much of a nudge to say anything about it so far. But I looked at the Astrology which gives us all a better sense of when to expect it to move, so I recommend you take a look at both of those XRP videos here.


We each always have a choice. The choices that are being presented to you all in the next months and years are about being in full consciousness, awareness and connection your higher selves. OR choosing to allow the energy of the Media and Entertainment machine to guide and lead – and control – you. This is an individual choice, and not making a choice is still a choice. Below I am trying to lay out a clearer and more HONEST explanation of just what the differences are between these two realities. You will not get an honest explanation of these differences from those who wish you to choose to give your power over to them. I do not want you to give your power to me. I want a tribe of aware, awake and self-actualized individuals. 

There are many who want you to give away your power. Some of these are just small tyrants or ego driven people who do not know what they are doing. And some are more organized and able to create more damage. Either way, it can be very tricky to see the difference. I hope that I am able to help you to do so. 

Vechain channeling: VECHAIN – VET 

Current price as of March 31, 2020: .00315 USD

ATH: .01745 USD

Vechain channeling – Recommended hold: Short Term – 1 year

I have to say that the images I am getting off of VeChain and it’s ‘Thor’ and ‘Apotheosis’ imagery are similar to NEO in ‘The Matrix’. Not sure which character it was, but someone in that movie tousles their hand through Neo’s hair and calls him “Coppertop” – making a direct reference to his 3D body being used as an energy source – like a Coppertop battery. 

I do feel that this coin and it’s creators are tied to the idea of trans-humanism. I get that for them the IOT – Internet of Things – is kind of a code for electrically connecting all things together, especially humans. These are the people who want to ‘use’ the energy of those who are connected into the Grid. They describe it as ‘Apotheosis’ but this word has been used historically to describe a spiritual state of connection to the one god-source energy. Apotheosis is an energetic state of ecstatic connection to God. What they wish to create with VeChain is anything but. Maybe it’s not about using the human’s electrical energy so much as his or her spiritual energy, frequencies, emotions, hopes, fears, dreams and nightmares. This is some seriously dystopian stuff. 

Here is a link to a trailer for VeChain:

Here’s another one:

They make it sound like the power is in your hands – but is it?

Vechain channeling – Even the imagery from these commercials look like something from “Bladerunner.” Now, don’t get me wrong, “Bladerunner” is one of my favorite movies of all time, but the true theme of that movie is to question what it means to be human; it is a deep examination of narcissism. It is set in a futuristic, isolated and disconnected world where nobody is really human anymore. 

One theory is that the hero of the movie, the Harrison Ford character is a replicant himself and not a human. This is revealed in a very subtle way at the end of the movie when his boss leaves the origami unicorn for him. Those unicorns were only left at the locations where there was a replicant. The subsequent sequel from a couple of years ago was about the nearly futile search for any shred humanity. It was a very inhumane movie to watch and I did not enjoy it at all. 

So, aside from movie symbolism, what I get on this crypto project is not something anyone in their right mind would want to participate with in real life.  

Dear Guides I am looking for information on VET and what it is likely to do in terms of price value for the people as an investment. I am also looking for any information and insight you can give on the current state of world affairs with covid19, and how this and other cryptos are fitting into the changes I am seeing.

Vechain channeling

Vechain channeling: Dear ones, we wish for you to know that your path is now requiring a great deal of fortitude and focused POSITIVE intention, and we see this. We also know that these current times and changes are not easy for you. Know that this is all part of what needs to take place now on the planet in order to usher in the greater awakening of the Mass of Humanity and also this allows the energy of the Earth to be brought back into balance. Getting out of balance was a long and difficult process. Getting BACK in balance is a sharp and quick – and often difficult – process. But like a chiropractic adjustment it is best done with speed. And this is what is going on for all of you on Earth. We want you all to know that you are supported and loved, that EACH OF YOU has a direct connection to spirit and that you need only open yourself to it in order to strengthen that bond and become comforted and strengthened for these turbulent times. 

Vechain channeling: These are the times that you all incarnated for. You all chose to be here for these massive world changes. You are the agents of change, this is why you are here now. Now you are all beginning to feel you own activations and to have a greater sense of what you wish to do for your future, and the future of those you love. Do not lose sight of this vision as it is so important for carrying you through these uncertain times. It is most important to remain mentally vigilant and connected to your vision of the greater good, this will keep your spirits up and your heart comforted. Never forget that this is always accessible to each and every one of you. 

Vechain channeling: This virus is serving as a catalyst to make many people go inward and contemplate. All the distractions of the world have been taken away and now all are able to reflect upon life and decide what does and does not feel right for the spirit. Soon you will see many people making changes to be more in alignment with their true spirit. As has been pointed out, the virus itself is not the problem. The real issue is the FEAR and the issues of control. Each individual must choose for themselves to live in love and self-responsibility. 

Vechain channeling: This is harder for some than for others. Those who have struggled and swam against the current in their lives will have a much easier time of it, for they have been spiritually prepared for this time. This preparation will pay off for as you are the ones who will be leading others through the storm and to safety and community. 

Vechain channeling ; This coin, VeChain is something of a closed system in the sense that it will operate within a certain contained group and this group is seeking to have dominion over resources of the land. This will not work for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the Earth changes, changes in weather and changes in atmosphere. The objects that are sought to be controlled by this system – called IOT or Internet of Things are not going to conform to their systems or grids. There will be too many changes for this system to last in the long term. Yes it will work somewhat and yes it will have a limited sphere of influence. In that respect there is profit to be made from it, but this will be short lived. This is not a long-term coin to hold onto. We would say that you should be finished with it within about a year.

Vechain channeling: As the systems of your world break down and they begin to rebuild them with a digital system, this coin will be one that is used in the navigation and freight systems. In this way, and due to the various news that comes out about these alliances and relationships that the VeChain team creates, this coin will have a great price rise for a time. However, longer term and great infrastructure problems within these industries (freight and navigation) will create cracks and fissures in the actual business and use of the coin. For this reason the gains and losses on this coin will be great. In other words it will have big highs and equally big lows. It is mainly good for a short term run up and then to sell out of completely. 

Vechain channeling: The best ultimate price target for this coin is $5.20 (or just below at around $5.11 for selling purposes). This is a coin that will have a spectacular rise and an equally spectacular fall into oblivion. You will see many coins that make this kind of move, so be very wary of these big ‘get rich’ coins once they start to move. Also be aware that many, many coin projects are going to fail before the end of this year. Many people will wreck (REK) themselves by getting too greedy on coins like this one. Do not be afraid to sell out of a coin once you have made profits and move on to a safer investment such as the ones that have already been highly recommended. But do diversify into at least 15-20 solid coins, and it will be best to hold around 25-30 good projects in your portfolio. This is not one of those long term good projects.

Vechain channeling: The longer term picture for all cryptos is that they will continue to grow after the lows of this year which will be extremely volatile. Your money system is currently wavering and wobbling like a drunken sailer and has not yet fallen over completely. But it will. If you are following the recommendations for maintaining your own resources then you will be prepared and ready for the changes as they come. The harder challenge may come from working with others and finding those who you align with correctly. 

End of the Vechain channeling, please download the PDF below.

Download file(s):

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