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Total Solar Eclipse/ Endings and Beginnings
Weekly Horoscope Nov 29-Dec 5

This week we have a total solar eclipse on December 4 in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Total solar eclipses are very significant. This is the time to break away from the lockdown fanatics: it is time to take action and do things- maybe it is time to look for another place in the world.

We are moving towards the Saturn-Uranus square, which makes everything even more extreme. It is another climax. Protests around the world are becoming more violent, and you can clearly see a division among people.

The solar eclipse is tied to mercury. It is about changing the belief system. Many people will rethink their own inner beliefs and open themselves to new ways of thinking. Sagittarius represents traveling, looking at other continents, people and attitudes towards life. And a community is always stronger when multiple views and influences are perceived.

Uranus and Taurus can make sudden changes possible – resources, assets, money. So this eclipse will bring some very good moments for very solid projects. So please move away from projects that are not solid. And that goes for cryptocurrencies as well. Many cryptocurrencies will disappear into thin air in the future. Timing is everything.

Mars and Neptune are sextile to each other and Venus is sextile to Mars and Neptune. So there is a really good opportunity for people to get what they want. So you can make plans and focus on something that should and can succeed in the longer term. However, care must be taken not to get caught up in the many possibilities. Stay focused and use the informations, which now come to light, to bring yourselves and your project further.

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