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Pisces Full Moon
Weekly Horoscope Sept 20-26

This is the week to stop the old garbage and recognize and start the new. We recognize the garbage that is being spread in the media and in politics. We recognize that it is garbage when they want to tell us what is right or wrong. The people who have the courage to take individual steps, who act and take things into their own hands, will be the winners. Winners are all those who manage themselves – their own resources, their own emotions, who take responsibility for themselves and don’t expect others to do everything for them. The future belongs to the brave!

Astrologically, we start the week with an intense Pisces Full Moon. This brings deep feelings and compassion, so confusion can end. Clarity will come and the new can begin.

Mercury forms aspects with Jupiter and Pluto. Mercury is in Libra so that harmonious exchanges can take place. This does not mean that you have to agree with everything others say or think is right. Rather, it is a matter of not getting into fights because of other views, but of staying true to yourself and your principles and, if necessary, letting people with other views out of your life.

Mercury also forms an aspect with Jupiter in Aquarius. The trine of the two planets may be interpreted extremely positively. New insights are possible and will be perceived. The basic mood is positive (Jupiter) and we take the exchange (Mercury) with other people to consolidate our attitudes, views and our own decision who we want to be as a human being. Mars and Sun give us energy and let us break through old limitations.

In this sense – this week is the week to feel and live our own responsibility, to find the courage to let go of the old garbage and thereby find a self-determined, happy life.

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