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Nature Channeling - a channeled message, future prediction

Changes in Nature – A Channeled Message

Nature Channeling – a connection with nature

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Nature Channeling: I did a channeling for a client some weeks ago. These are normally about 5 – 7 pages long. But this time the guides hijacked the opportunity to get these other messages through and gave me a 21 page message. Much of this was general information on events that will be happening on Earth in these next years. My client generously agreed to let me share these important general messages with my membership.

This is not a message to scare you, but rather to help you understand the deeper levels of what is going on at this time on Earth and just how very important it is for every one of us to be in connection with nature.



MAKE SURE you go outside and walk in nature EVERY DAY. Your heart and soul need this connection, and it also grounds your body. This is necessary for manifestation. It also balances your electrical system. Being indoors without an outdoor connection to nature interrupts your natural human rhythms and cycles. Also the electrical grid of your body gets disrupted as well. Using protective devices such as Orgonites and Purple Tesla plates in your home, near computer devices and especially under your pillow at night will go a very long way towards helping keep your energetic balance while indoors. But nothing can take the place of being out in nature and allowing for nature to heal and ground you. Do not neglect this. It is the MOST IMPORTANT THING that you can do for yourself and for your family. You all need this. 

Do NOT worry about getting sick by going outside. This will not happen. You are safe and you are protected. And the time spent outside will only strengthen you and make you more resistant to ALL types of illness. Do not be afraid. Be in appreciation and awe of nature. Take this time to marvel at the beauty of nature, to appreciate the flowers, the animals, the air, the world outside. This reconnection with nature is going to be one of the most powerful things that comes out of this time (of quarantine) for those who are meant to create the NEW EARTH. And this NEW EARTH is going to have an innate and ongoing connection to NATURE. Never again will you live in such a way as to be separated from the forces, beauty and bounty of nature. In the future the new ways of having homes will include nature and will not have the level of separation from the outside world that you are all currently used to. In the NEW EARTH  living arrangements will have areas where plants are grown. Animals are also going to be an important part of these new living arrangements. You will have more interaction with animals in a peaceful way; as pets, in atriums and sanctuaries where they will be kept safe and nurtured. 

These will not be like a zoo, but rather small ecosystems with a mutually supporting harmonic of natural elements working together. For example: plants may be grown hydroponically with a pond or water tank filled with fish. The water from the fish would be used to irrigate the food crops and the run off from those plants would go back to the fish. In this way, both systems are sustained. And both would be a source of sustenance for the human caretakers, both as food and as beauty. 

Nature Channeling: please know – that unconnected to you – there will be more stories and events of NATURE TURNING ON MAN. We tell you this for awareness but DO NOT FEAR  because these things could NOT happen to you. You are safe as we said before. But there will be more and more incidents of humans having interactions where groups of animals turn on them in ways that have never happened before. We make you aware of this not to scare you but to point out to you that there is a great separation happening between those who are AT ONE with nature and this who are more and more alienated from it and wish to control it. It is ONLY those humans who live in brutality, ego, domination, cruelty and soullessness who will experience these attacks from nature. This is the natural way of Mother Earth taking back those who are hers and helping to push the division between SPIRITUAL BEINGS and those who are moving towards an inhuman and unnatural state of being. 

These unnatural ones will not be able to continue to dominate nature as they have done in the past. They will have bizarre and never before heard of events start to happen to them. This is one reason why they will move more towards these ‘smart cities’ – places that are soulless and void of nature. The types of news that you will be hearing are things like – teams of chimpanzees or other monkeys attacking and robbing people in Africa, fishing boats being taken down by a seemingly coordinated attack from the ocean creatures, massive structures where insects are working together to bring in food in ways that have never existed before. 

There will be evidence of a combined intelligence in these attacks that will cause fear and distress among many humans. DO NOT FEAR – this is all part of the rebalancing of Nature and you cannot be harmed by such things. Nobody who is in harmony with nature can ever be harmed by something like this. We share this with you, not to bring you fear, but to show you what to look for in understanding the separation between those who are CONNECTED TO NATURE and those who are NOT. We show you these things so that you will recognize what is happening when you hear about it and so that you will NOT be in fear, but rather you will have an understanding of it. But you should also know that there will be some people who become terrified of any kind of nature because of these events. These people are only creating more distance and harm to themselves by creating a greater disconnection from nature. We wish for you to understand this.

Nature Channeling: LOGOS – (WORD) AND LOGIC ARE A TRAP

Your logical mind must be trained to work for you and not against you. The way it works for you is by YOU taking charge of it and giving it a job to do, and NOT allowing it to run over your sense of well-being by creating fear and worry. Again the most effective tool you have for doing this is meditation and going out into nature. Once you are able to master the inner mind – THEN – your inspirations will come to you and you will FEEL the connection to your inner path and purpose that you are seeking. You cannot think your way into the path of your soul, your path of destiny or your highest calling. You can ONLY FEEL your way into it. 

This is Spiritual Law and this is one of the reasons that the forces of darkness on your world – on the Earth – place so much value in logical decisions, it is one of the ways in which you get trapped into lower vibrations and fear. The Archons – the forces of darkness that currently run your world – use the logical mind to trick you. They know full well that all of your highest direction and purpose ALWAYS comes from your feelings and emotions. They use your emotions all the time to pull you off course. They also know that it is time for them to lose their grip over the world NOW and this is why they are creating such a huge STORM OF FEAR upon the Earth. Do not fall for it. 

Nature Channeling: HUGE CHANGES

What you are experiencing in your world is a massive fall from grace. It is so massive that it will dwarf the Fall of the Roman Empire and the French Revolution; it will be WORLDWIDE.

YOU are part of the NEW EARTH. You are incarnated at this time for the purpose of building something different and better. YOU will be building the NEW FOUNDATION. This is a highly creative and inspired series of actions that you will be taking in collaboration with others of your SOUL GROUP.


One important message for ALL PARENTS at this time is to not lean on digital devices and media as a tool to occupy your children. We realize that this may seem difficult but it is very important. All children need to have very strict limits placed on their digital interactions. The exception to this would be for video and telephone calls, and group interactions. This is very powerful and something that all of you need more and more at this time due to the isolation and alienation that is taking place now. Also, be sure to reach out to those near you that you know have limited social interactions and limited people to connect with. You can always connect with anyone via the phone or video chat software. This will be extremely helpful and important for all of you in the coming months. It will also serve as the foundations for new alliances and plans.

You will be surprised as to the gifts and talents that emerge in your children as they begin to use their time to pursue their own interests instead of those that are being given to them to fill time by the education system. It is these inner urges and promptings that will lead your children also to their paths of joy and satisfaction. But be very careful of the digital devices and their systems because these are specifically designed trap them into this artificial Matrix. The digital world is a treacherous place where the subconscious hopes and dreams of all of you – but especially the children – are being used against you. For this reason these interactions really need to be limited. Children under 5 should not use these devices at all, those under 8 should have no more than 2-3 hours per week and those under 14 should have no more than 1 hour per day. 

Anyone older than that will be trying to make their own decisions in this arena but truthfully nobody should use them more than a few hours each day. We understand the need to use computers for work and schooling but we recommend no more than 2 hours at a time and always using glasses to block the blue light from the screens. And also be sure to take at least 1 day per week where you are not using devices at all. And on any day that it is possible please try to limit yourself to 1 hour just for necessary tasks. We would not count phone calls and communication with friends and loved ones in this time. 

This may sound difficult or impossible, but we assure you that there will be more and more people who will start to do these things. And also that you will discover many valuable things about yourselves and uncover talents and abilities you would not have found otherwise. This is especially true for children. You can and will find all kinds of new things that you can share together. We recommend that one of these should be to start a garden and give your children tasks to fulfill on a daily and weekly basis to maintain it. 

The reason we are making such a point about digital devices is because this will be the greatest challenge you have with your children as they grow. Helping them to have an identity, skills and abilities outside of and separate from these devices will strengthen them against increasing pressures and emotional tools for manipulating and twisting their self-perceptions that exist in the digital world. 

All is not hopeless, as we will start to see more supporting types of online communities emerge. But young minds are no match for the tools of hypnosis that are currently being used against them through the apps and platforms that they have access to. Your greatest challenges with them are going to come from influences that are online, so we wish to help you to turn them in a different direction sooner than later. This will go a very, very long way toward assuring that they are on their own paths of highest joy, satisfaction and achievement. 

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  1. MK


    Thank you for sharing such great insights with us Aura.


  2. Colin Appleby

    My wife and I have worked hard to impose these kinds of limits on technology for our kids. It jammies something that we have always innately believed is the best thing you can do for your children. Unfortunately peer pressure is massive so it can often leave you feeling like you are swimming against the tide. Thanks for this. It has been affirming and reassuring.

    1. Aura

      Yes, I know it’s a challenge. It’s a challenge for me to keep MYSELF off the devices, lol.

  3. Gary Kealy

    Amazing post and it’s right on…

    There is pleasure in the pathless woods,
    there is rapture on the lonely shore,
    there is society, where none intrudes,
    by the deep sea and the music in its roar.
    -Lord Byron_

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