You are currently viewing Mercury Retro in Pisces – A DEEP dive!!<br><span style='color:#00adee;font-size:.8em'>Mercury Retrograde in Pisces</span>
Mercury Retro In Pisces

Mercury Retro in Pisces – A DEEP dive!!
Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Mercury Retro in Pisces

On Sunday, February 16, Mercury (the planet of communication) goes reverse in watery Pisces, entering its first retrograde of 2020. This is the same day that Mars, the planet of action and desire, enters career-oriented Capricorn. Watch the video to find out more.

Mercury Retro in Pisces

Mercury even governs technology, so expect glitches, cracked screens, and accidental text messages. “This Mercury retrograde starts in Pisces and eventually makes its way back into Aquarius.

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Aura Wright has been featured on “The Chelsea Lately Show,” “Entertainment Tonight,” and others. She was also the columnist for the Yogi Times. She accurately predicted the 2008 housing crisis, as well as the 2019 peak in BTC price. Then she predicted the 2020 BTC low. Other accurate world predictions include; a discussion of a world pandemic in an article posted in 2017.

What is the main focus of our work at this unique time in history? To help people to benefit from the massive financial changes that are currently taking place in the world. One of the best ways to do this is through owning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and also with Precious Metals like Silver and Gold.

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  1. Edoshi Stackomoro

    Is this the suckers’ rally to scratch BTC all time high and then we finally get the final crash lows into December we have been waiting for or are we holding our bags of rapidly inflating fiat watching the rocket ship heading to the moon without our final bags being loaded…? Trying to remain calm. The political and medical mafia storm we are in suggests something very destabilizing on its way. I’m still holding that Aura has called it in advance but can’t say I’m not feeling edgy.

    1. Aura

      I know. It’s nerve wracking. This is why we play both sides of the levels, in case our preferred level (peak or low) happens later. Maybe look at it like this:

      1) It’s best to have a percentage of your money in the market now – maybe 25%-50% in BTC and good coins like DGB on the assumption that we are going higher and you will be able to take a portion of that out in profits at the peak (not all but maybe half of it)
      2) Be prepared to hold that percentage in your portfolio until the market goes up to good levels to profit from it, in other words be prepared to sit on it for a few months through some lows if you need to
      3) Prepare to BOTH take profits at the peak levels AND buy in on CORRECTION LEVELS as well as CRASH levels. In other words, have a percentage of your money on the side in cash and be ready to buy in at several levels, not just one.
      4) Be psychologically prepared in case you must wait for any of this to happen.

      I hope that helps.

    2. Aura

      The crash is still coming, it’s just been pushed out to a later time.

  2. Michael Klein

    Hi Aura, I have a General Question! Do you still see the big crash you have been predicting for nearly a year! So far I have been trading back and forth in and out of stablecoins so I would have gunpowder when this crash happens! To be honest this was a bit exhausting for me and never felt like I was realy doing the right moves trying to catch the crash! Maybe I was misinterpreting your informations…. however…i just want to know …is this crash coming? What is your best guess when it happens and is right now a good time to take out profits to have some on the sideline when it happens? Thank you Michael

    1. Aura

      Yes the crash is happening but it’s been pushed back by this run-up. We will go higher first and that will be the best time to take profits. I have two potential peaks for the market, and this is not it yet.

      Trading the market is always exhausting. But if you are always selling higher than you bought and buying lower than you sold you should be fine – it can just mean you have to be patient on certain moves if you miss some of the further extension (in either direction). Again, this is why I encourage money management and only trading a small percentage of your portfolio (which it sounds like you have done).

      You are already succeeding, just by doing it you are learning and getting better. And bigger opportunities are coming.

      1. Michael Klein

        Thank you! and what are the stars telling you when it is happening? What’s your best guess, before inauguration or after?

        1. Aura

          For what? What is the question you are asking?

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