I have found a great opportunity to earn approximately 10% ‘interest’ on your Bitcoin per month, without having to trade it. I thoroughly vetted this team and I feel very good about them. It is a 1 year old company that is already doing a Billion dollar a year business.

Here is the link to join this program:
You can always find this page at the top of my blog in the drop down under RESOURCES & UPDATES.

And YES you do have a dedicated BTC wallet address inside of your Dashboad and you always have control over your funds and can move them or take them out at any time.

Here is my video on it:

And here is a MEMBERS ONLY strategy for taking control over your IRA funds and putting them under your own management.

And THANKS TO CHRIS who is building a business here and is creating all kinds of Training Videos that he has agreed to give you all access to. I will also do some videos, but not as often as Chris. Here’s the first one:

And finally here is a video interview with the CEO of Mirror Trading:

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  1. Tuk Choto

    Hi Aura
    I am a Pro member, I was unable to view the recent posts and watch zoom vdo. I checked the membership tab and it has shown the message that I don’t have a membership yet!. Can you please help? I already paid the pro member fee.
    Thank you,

    1. Aura

      I just emailed you, I am not sure what you are trying to do?

  2. Johan du Toit

    Aura How does this differ from a pyramid scheme with Aura at the top?

    1. Aura

      Johan –
      This is a BILLION dollar a year company, not a ‘pyramid scheme’ It is completely legitimate and legal and complies will all regulatory bodies. I am not at the top, the CEO of Mirror Trading is. I am just someone who took it as a great opportunity to earn interest on my BTC. It is a multilevel marketing structure so you would be ‘on top’ of anyone you brought into the business yourself. If you want to understand how this works then put your email in on the Mirror Trading page I have above and read the 12 page PDF which explains it all. And, yes I get compensated for showing you the opportunity – this is how all businesses structured this way operate.

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