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Crypto Market Update

ANOTHER Update to the Update: Market Update: July 23rd – Boring Markets? Not for long…
Crypto Astrology Bitcoin Update

July 23 Update – MORE INFO:

Here is a video I made for you today about I see coming in the next few weeks to a month so you can strategize:

Both ETH and DGB are up about 15% in the last 24 hours. DGB got up to $0.025 and ETH is at $275. Both have some more room to go up because we still have a couple of days before we get big market damage. In the meantime any coin can go up or down. ETH can still get one more candle up – to just under $300 before it starts to drop.

BTC has also moved up, but it is more uncertain if BTC will make a big move right at this moment. It could make one last brief pump before the Dam Breaks and takes everything down. If it goes up above $10,500 then expect it to take off on pure hype and adrenaline – but it will only make ONE fast candle up and be done. The most likely scenario – if we go any higher from here – we are getting to about $9,7500 before we drop.

DGB could potentially go up to $0.0295 on this spike. Only if BTC makes a massive spike will DGB or ETH go above these levels. This run up is brief and it will not last.

In other words, if you have been looking to take some profits then now, or over the next few days is a relatively safe time to do it on these 3 coins. And if you are worried that we are now taking off into the great crypto bull-run then don’t. It’s not happening yet, even though we might get one more spike up.

This weeks Market Update



BTC – Last week was kinda boring for BTC, I’m not gonna lie. But that’s ok.

NOTE: For me the $7k-$10k levels on BTC are a no trade zone. I do not recommend anyone who is not already a very competent trader to try and speculate in this zone. This is because there will be MASSIVE volatility in the next few months which is specifically designed to destroy traders. Please be careful.

STOCKS – And we are still going up and also hovering in a dangerous wedge in these various stock markets. Things are likely to mostly GO GREEN for the next week in these markets. It all seems so good, the real economy is tanking but the fictional one is full of green stuff – for now. But things are coming that will change this in a dramatic way, so it’s best to be prepared and not get lulled into complacency by those who want to put you back to sleep with their LIE-la-by about everything going up, up, up. This will not last much longer and I will discuss it more on our Members call on Weds.

ALTS – This is where we get our one more wave UP, as I said LAST WEEK. This is going to be a good push upwards and you can expect all kinds of mania in the YT headlines. Just be careful and know it isn’t going to last very long – so TAKE YOUR PROFITS!!! Nobody wants to wake up with regrets later.

SPECIFICALLY AND ESPECIALLY – I recommend you take profits on the DEFI tokens and everything in that network. You are not likely to see a lot more opportunities for profits in that ecosystem, so make sure you get what you can while you are ahead on those tokens.

BSV – It could make a big run here this week. I’m not guaranteeing it, but I am feeling the guys behind it wanting to get another cashout opportunity.

Precious Metals – Silver, has actually gotten above $19 – which is a really HUGE move for Silver. But this is NOT the big breakout. Not yet anyway. We can still get another slam down of the metals prices – NEXT WEEK – while the market riggers still have control over everything. This is NOT a sign that they have lost control – not YET. So… PM’s can still get another drop in the coming week before a real and true liftoff starts to happen. In short – We may get ONE LAST CHANCE for accumulating PM’s next week. DINAR AND DONG – The Iraqui Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong are still on the table and I do still recommend them, there are more details on my Market Update from a few weeks ago, you can read that HERE.

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  1. Michael Klein

    I think BAT and ADA are DEFI tokens! Can anyone here confirm this? If so does Aura recommend to get out of those? It would surprise me because I always thought those two would be good long term coins to hold!

    1. Aura

      I know that ADA has a DEAL to work wit DEFI which does not make it a DEFI token. The only tokens that are bad are the ones that ONLY live on DEFI and the others are only bad when they are hanging out on DEFI. Just think of DEFI as a bad neighborhood that you don’t want to be hanging out in!

  2. Michael Klein

    Hi Aura, the dip you see starting July 27th…is that the 4K BTC Level-Crash you have been predicting for some time? Or is this just a minor down trend to take some profits from? How low do you see it going in this next dip? Thanks much!

    1. Michael Klein

      I guess you answered my question in the Video! Thanks

  3. Ajaycsharp

    wow.this update is really very clear. when Digibyte will hit $1. when you see it.Thanks Aura.

    1. Aura

      I don’t have that info at this point in time.

  4. Joseph Maietta

    Hello Aura, What do you think about PaxG Pax Gold? it looks like its a crypto tied to the value of gold. Do you think this is a safe option for holding value?

  5. John E

    Hi Aura, can you do a channeling of the whole crypto market value for next 3-6 months ?

    1. Third Eye Focus

      My replies to other people’s comments have not been going through for some reason.

      1. Aura

        thanks for letting us know, we will look into it.

  6. Joseph Maietta

    Aura, Should we avoid DAI as this is a Defi stablecoin?

  7. Stephen McClurkin


    Do you mean that the Defi tokens are also going to have one more wave up this week and then we should get out of them or are you saying that they are not getting another wave up and we should just take what we have currently?

  8. Prince

    What are the price levels to buy in at for cyptos??

  9. Craig DOrazio

    Which way are we going in the crypto market up or down ?

    1. Joanna

      Aura will discuss this on the call on Weds. Alts can go up this week as she said in the market update today.

  10. Michela Cassar

    Hi Aura, the main sentiment in the trading sphere is indicating to an incoming drop in BTC before seeing a run-up. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Cody Slennett

      This is literally exactly what shes been talking about for like ever lol.

      1. Michela Cassar

        Yes, I wanted to see if she had insight into whether she saw the actual drop coming now (under 3k) or if btc was going to have a semi correction to a previous support and run up before that. It pushed up today contrary to what many have expected.

    2. Joanna

      Join the call on Weds – Aura will discuss this. ALTS can go up this week.

  11. Julie Gum

    Hi, How much silver should we get to be comfortable? I am over 60 and wondering how much silver do i need? Thank you so much!

      1. Julie Gum

        Not interested in Vietnamese dong at the moment. I am trying to figure out how many silver coins to get. Thanks KrazyKing5!

    1. Joanna

      Aura can’t answer that for you, but she personally would want at least 100 oz. Historically it took about 300 oz to buy an average single-family home.

  12. Bill D

    Hi Aura, I have a pretty good balance of cryptos and silver in my portfolio. I have some cash sitting on the sideline. Do you think I should buy some Vietnamese dong, or add to my cryptos or silver?
    Thanks , Bill

    1. Aura

      If you have a little gambling money then yes you can get some Dong, but Silver is a much safer bet.

  13. Neil

    How do know which coins are ‘DEFI” it keeps being mentioned but no explanation… are all ethereum tokens DEFI? i cant find a list of them on the internet?

    1. Michael Klein

      I would also like to know which tokens are Defi tokens! Thanks in advance if someone could provide that information!

      1. Joanna

        You can search for this info. Aura don’t know them all.

    2. Joanna

      Aura doesn’t know them all off the top of her head, but Link is one. You can just search for it to find all of them.

    1. Bill D

      Hi Aura, Silver finally broke over $20!!! Do you think we’ll finally set a new all time high this year ($50+) ?

      1. John E

        I think quite possibly, but a loaf of bread could be 2 dollars not 1. Trumps printing his dollars all the way to November.

      2. Joanna

        Yes, we are going to get over $50 before the end of this year, but we do still have a chance for ONE LAST smackdown in Metals prices next week – but this really is the last chance.

      3. Aura

        Yes we will be going up in the coming months, but we have one last chance for a smackdown next week.

      1. Michael Klein

        Hi Aura, the dip you see starting July 27th…is that the 4K BTC Level-Crash you have been predicting for some time? Or is this just a minor down trend to take some profits from? How low do you see it going in this next dip? Thanks much!

  14. John E

    Hi just a note, on your video, keep getting the YouTube advert for Send Ether too this address to get lots more back. That advert video also with a lot of other crypto people’s videos. Don’t know if you can block it.

    1. Joanna

      Ugh! Thanks for letting us know. Will took the ads off.

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