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How to buy crypto

How to buy crypto – REPOST

4 Good Ways to Buy into Crypto (US) by Bill N

Thank you to Bill N who forwarded this How To that he made for his family and friends. I found one more BONUS way to buy the Gemini Dollar (GUSD) directly (You can no longer directly purchase through the Gemini Exchange). That bonus is through the App SPEDN which aims to make it easy to buy everyday things with Crypto and GUSD.

Additionally you can buy BTC or BCH directly through the BRD app or the wallet, or with cash at a BTC ATM.


(Options 3 & 4 are not ideal but useful work arounds)

How to buy crypto: ONE________________

1.  Transfer your funds to Coinbase and purchase stable coins (USDC).

2. Transfer the stable coins to my Exodus wallet or directly to Shape Shift. (there is no KYC on the Exodus wallet so Shape Shift transactions are anonymous. 

3. Execute a shape shift exchange from USDC into BTC or the other coins available.

4. Transfer the BTC into my hard wallet.

5. Repeat the above as many times as necessary. 

How to buy crypto: TWO_______________

1.  Transfer your funds to Coinbase and purchase stable coins (USDC).

2. Transfer the stable coins from CB to Caleb and Brown with a buy order to be executed based on a text time stamp or a future price. 

3. Once the buy order is complete and they have received your USDC they will transfer your coins into the wallet(s) of your choice.

If your CB daily limit is low and you don’t want the extended KYC to raise the limit, then the following options may apply:

How to buy crypto: THREE________________

1. Transfer directly from your US bank account to Caleb and Brown’s AU bank account. Insure that you have opened an account and provided C&B with all of your identification and banking details and insure that you have their banking details.  You will need to get their BSB number and Account number.  They do not use interbank numbers in AU.

2. To facilitate a bank transfer to C&B you will have to appear in person at your bank with proper identification and will need to complete a wire transfer form that will record your ID and reason for the transfer.

3. Wire transfers are sent via the SWIFT system which is antiquated and can take up to 5 business days for Caleb and Brown’s AU bank to receive the funds.

4. Caleb and Brown does not wait until your funds are received to purchase your cryptos. Once you text your rep with a request to purchase BTC or any other crypto the time stamp on your text locks in the price that they will charge you for the crypto.  Once your funds are received by C&B they will release your crypto into the wallet(s) of your choice.

5. Should you chose to send your funds to C&B with an execute price some time in the future they will purchase your cryptos once the market has reached that price.  Provided they have your funds at the time of the purchase your cryptos will be released immediately upon their purchase and sent to the wallet(s) of your choice.

How to buy crypto: FOUR________________

XOOM is an online money transfer app that allows you to send money from your bank account directly to any other bank account globally. This process is far less expensive than a bank originated transfer and takes about 24 hours for the receiving bank to get your funds

I use this app for small monthly transfers to my bank in Sydney. I do not know what the max daily limit is.

If XOOM becomes an option than you will need to register for an account with them or you can sign in using your PayPal login details.  You then follow the process on their app and transfer your funds to C&B via XOOM.

Provided C&B will accept funds transferred using this method you would still need their AU banking details and you will need to inform them that your funds will be coming to them via a third party transfer service.

All other steps regarding locking in current and future prices and the releasing of your cryptos apply as outlined above.

You can reach Bill N directly at for personal help getting into crypto. Give Bill my name and you will get a 20% discount 🙂

Be sure to check the current MARKET UPDATE to know what direction the market is going right now.

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  1. Chris O

    Bitcoin Cash is not a scam….in fact it is a fork from Bitcoin on 08/1/20117

    1. Ajaycsharp

      do you know that BCH is going to be forked on 15th November?

      1. Aura

        I go into the BCH fork in the November Timing Report. Just hold both coins.

  2. Ajaycsharp

    Aura, tell us about Bitcoin Cash forking which is going to happen soon. It seems that bitcoin cash is a scam coin because it is forking again and again. What is your take on it because you are one of the biggest holders of this coin.

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