You are currently viewing Bitcoin News: BCH ATM? Craig Wright files more Copyright (REPOST)<br><span style='color:#00adee;font-size:.8em'>BCH ATM</span>
Bitcoin News: BCH ATM? Craig Wright files more Copyright

Bitcoin News: BCH ATM? Craig Wright files more Copyright (REPOST)


bitcoin ATM is an Internet-connected kiosk that allows customers to purchase bitcoins and/or other cryptocurrencies with deposited cash. A bitcoin ATM is not the same as an automated teller machine (ATM) that allows bank customers to physically withdraw, deposit, or transfer funds in one’s bank account. Watch the video to find out more.

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Bit Coin ATM

You can get some Bitcoin in a way that is not being tracked for those who would prefer so.  There are also some sites that allow you to buy BCH peer to peer.  This is a private person to person transaction. How we can be prepared to succeed and thrive through current changes? Watch the video and become a member to find out.

Craig Wright Attempts to Copyright the Satoshi White paper

This fact alone basically shows that he is not Satoshi, as this is not something that Satoshi would have done.  There are some interesting points that Craig Wright has mentioned.   Be sure to watch the video to find out more and get a better understanding of this.

About Aura

Aura Wright has been featured on “The Chelsea Lately Show,” “Entertainment Tonight,” and others. She was also the columnist for the Yogi Times. She accurately predicted the 2008 housing crisis, as well as the 2019 peak in BTC price. Then she predicted the 2020 BTC low. Other accurate world predictions include; a discussion of a world pandemic in an article posted in 2017.

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