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Backworlds Pluto Mercury
Weekly Horoscope Oct 4 - Oct 10

Be gentle to yourself! Be kind to others! – It´s a crazy intense week and Timing is everything!

Retrograde worlds – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto go direct and Mercury, which went retrograde at the end of September, changes direction again after a good three weeks. The phase that has offered each individual, but also society and politics, the opportunity to look back on many events and learn from them, is coming to an end.

Projects that have already been started could be completed and new developments could be initiated and advanced. At the same time, the conflict between standstill and departure indicated by the square of Uranus and Saturn and the associated process of social change come to the fore again. At the beginning of October, Mercury retrograde in balancing Libra is square to Pluto in Capricorn and shortly after in trine to Jupiter in Aquarius. Negative thoughts should not be given too much space, but the causes should be investigated. Therefore, drama may continue to occur in relationships, especially in family relationships. We become tougher, show our limits and also say “Enough is enough!” once in a while.

On October 6, the New Moon is also in Libra and Pluto goes direct again after five months. One day later, Venus changes to the optimistic zodiac sign Sagittarius. Now a more relaxed and hopeful mood prevails. In personal relationships as well as in politics and society, long-standing conflicts could be resolved and perhaps even settled with much effort. This harmonious tendency is confirmed by the Sun’s conjunction with Mars and Mercury in the compromising zodiac sign Libra from October 8-10. It urges people to move forward, but at the same time they should find their own balance. It is the best time to create a vision board. And remember – there is always a choice, even if it is said that there is not.

In this sense – Be gentle to yourself! Be kind to others! Create a solidarity!

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