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ACT FAST!! Hardware Wallet that I LIKE!!

This is an IndieGoGo project that I really like. It hasn’t been fully funded which is why I did not promote it to the membership even though I really like it, I like the tech and I feel that it is a really good solution.

I bought one anyway, and I’m giving you the opportunity to do so as well. In my view, this is a REALLY GOOD SOLUTION. There are other hardware solutions out there, but anything that uses your cell phone is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. It will NOT be secure.

Often the wrong projects get funded. It’s really too bad. Sometimes people just don’t grasp the superior concept and more people go for the thing that seems more convenient – but isn’t actually safe. That’s just how it is.

This is why I am bringing you this opportunity – it IS a superior product. It just needs more help to get enough backing. Here’s the link:

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  1. Marlene Cohen

    Hi Aura. I’m loving your site, thanks for the great information! What do you think of the Trezor wallet?

    1. Sharmaine

      Hi Marlene, we have a whole PDF and post that we are creating for the questions about WALLETS. When we get that done we will give you the link for that post which can go into the FAQ and SOP.

      For now, you can always answer Any TREZOR or NANO wallet question by saying that you don’t like these small hardware wallets they are not safe. Regarding HARDWARE wallets, the best one is Ellipal, and it’s the only one that we really recommend.


      1. Aura

        Sorry this answer is a bit confusing, What I meant for her to say is that I don’t like the Trezor or Nano wallets. And there is a more complete wallet review coming soon.


    I get your point. I had not heard of that one. Seems very interesting indeed, including their unique way of generating the private keys but then we rely on the trustworthiness of the company and its employees on that regard. I will definitively take the time to look into it and also if they allow staking. Thanks for that.


    I get you don’t like the NGrave and I value your intuition. However, what I don’t get is why you keep saying the NGrave is connected to the phone while in fact it is the only hardware wallet that is entirely air-gapped (even the Ellipal is not totally air-gapped) and thus it is not connected to the phone although it uses a phone apps. On the other hand, the Hashwallet is connected to the phone via Bluetooth and also uses a phone apps. I personally bought both: NGrave and Hashwallet. The NGrave seems much more robust but the Hashwallet has a more secure recovery method in my view.

    1. Aura

      I just prefer the lower tech solutions and feel them to be far safer. The tech explanation you gave makes logical ‘sense’ but it still doesn’t feel stable to me. Here’s a different one I like a lot:

  4. Xavier ZISSMAN

    Hello Aura,
    After participating in the HASHWallet campaign, I heard about another very secure hardware wallet that is also an IndieGoGo project : the NGRAVE wallet by a Belgium team.
    It’s the first blockchain product to earn the world’s highest security certification EAL7. It’s quite expensive compared to the current solutions but the features are far more advanced in terms of security.
    The campaign reached its goal on the day it was launched (May 26th, 2020) in a few minutes.
    Could you please give it a psychic look if you think it’s worth it ?
    Thank you.

    1. Aura

      I still don’t like it, as I emailed you before. I don’t like anything that uses your smartphone, it doesn’t matter about the awards it’s gotten. I just don’t like it.

  5. Hina Mehta

    Aura, I still don’t understand why keeping your crypto on Atomic wallet is not a good idea…especially if you’re dedicating a separate computer that you only turn on when you need to trade. Could you elaborate? Thanks

    1. Aura

      If it’s on an offline computer than it’s probably ok. I don’t love Atomic, I feel like it’s going to get hacked at some point so that’s the issue. Also most people aren’t taking the precautions you are.


    Hi Aura, I knew of Hashwallet; I agree it seems one the best product (In my view with the NGrave) but as you say it still lacks fundings so there is a risk involved and also it is a non programmable wallet so on the one hand, it cannot be hacked through software but in the other we need to buy a new wallet for each upgrade at a promised discount and probably also when they add new coins, which is not practical. It is a card wallet so it seems more fragile to me ? than for instance the NGrave. Both are not connected in anyway to the phone by the way, which is good but use a phone apps.

    1. Aura

      Well, the NGrave does connect through your phone and I just don’t like that one. I have watched Hashwallet for a long time hoping they would get fully funded. You are right, that this is the biggest risk with them. But I really like the Card design and think it’s very smart.

  7. Nikki

    Thanks Aura. Joined a month ago, its been great having your insights appreciate all the work you put in. Thanks for sharing this link, signed up. I can’t wait for my card☆

    1. Aura

      It really like this technology and I do believe they will work hard on it.

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